Jinn Classification

Jinn is typically the name by which any unclassified Jinni are called. There are many conflicting historical documents that present the power rankings of Jinni. Various sources will describe anywhere from two to five different classes of Jinni. All people agree, however, that they are classified in more powerful positions with increasing age and wisdom. For convenience, here is the largest list.

Jann are the youngest, lowest and weakest class.

Djinn are the most common type, but still lack power. These immature genies entertain themselves by tormenting people for the fun of it.

Shaitan (sometimes spelled Shaytan) typically know seven or eight different types of magic. Once a Jinn reaches Shaitan-level, it is assigned to a human. They abandon their small-time mischief and spend their time urging their victims to do evil. To counterbalance the evil influence of the Shaitans, a guardian angel is also assigned to the same person. In some accounts, Shaitans are shapeshifters (although limited in their shifting).

Afrit also spelled afreet, afrit, afrite , or efreet,’ifrit, or ‘ifritah (female), a class of infernal jinn noted for their strength and cunning.

Marida are the most powerful of all. The Marida are assigned to only the most important people, such as kings or high priests. Their knowledge of magic is extensive. Marida are believed to be over 2000 years old (an average lifespan is around 2500 years).


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