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Ajwa Dates

– Ajwa Dates are from paradise – “Ajwa Dates are from paradise and they are a cure from poison” (Tirmizi) – “Whoever eats 7 Ajwa dates would not be harmed that day by poison or magic (Muslim) -The Prophet prescribed Alia  Ajwa dates for people suffering from various illnesses -Qadi Ayyad said, “Alia is a […]

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Prophetic Medicine: An Old Prescription for a New Era

By Dr. Hossam Arafa A genre of medical writing intended as an alternative to the exclusively Greek-based medical systems derived from Galen was that called at-tibb an-nabawi or “Prophetic Medicine.” The authors were clerics, rather than physicians, who advocated traditional medicine as mentioned in the Qur’an and as practiced during the life of Prophet Muhammad. […]

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Health Benefits of Prophetic Condiments: Part One of Five

By Karima Burns (MH, ND) Ramadan Iftar? Don’t forget the condiments! The Prophet’s favorite condiments were honey, olive oil, salt, and vinegar. The Qur’an (2:168) says, “Yea people: eat of what is on earth, lawful and wholesome.” According to Muslim, Allah’s Messenger said, “The stomach is the central basin of the body, and the veins […]

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Foods of the Prophet: Part 2 of 5 Fruits and Vegetables of the Prophet

By Karima Burns, MH, ND Modern Muslims often turn to books and magazines to find out what foods will make them healthy, however, the Koran and Hadith have provided the Islamic community with many ideas of foods that should be included in the ideal diet. The Koran mentions many fruits and vegetables as well as […]

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